Uncommon Leadership Series

The “Uncommon Leadership” series showcases unique points of view and best practices on leadership from outside the traditional business sector. Guests engage in an intimate and revealing dialogue with Glenn Mangurian before a live audience. Here is a sampling of recent guests.

Marion Jones, former Olympic sprinter  (view conversation video)

Keith Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops

Tom and Ray Magliozzi (“Click and Clack’) of NPR’s Car Talk


David Gergen, Presidential Advisor and CNN Commentator

Craig Mello, 2006 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine

John Calipari, Head Coach of Basketball at University of Kentucky

Vicki Kennedy

Joseph Abboud, fashion designer

Margaret Marshall, retired Chief Justice

Roy Zuckerberg, retired Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs

Joyce Kulhawik, retired Arts and Entertainment reporter, WBZ-TV Boston

Jimmy Tingle, Comedian

Bill Bratton, NYC police commissioner

Rikki Klieman, former Court TV anchor

George Ditomassi, retired CEO of Milton Bradley Toys

Marty Meehan, former Congressman and UMass President

Tsidii Le Loka, Tony Award Nominee, “Rafiki” in the “Lion King”

Mikko Nissinen, artistic director, and Barry Hughson, executive director of the Boston Ballet

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